Since 2006, Biodal has been serving the institutions concerned with laboratory tube barcoding, sampling control over hospital automation and quick and error-free operation of central blood collection units. These new technology systems enable centralized blood collection units with high density to perform accurate and fast operations in the unit, prevent errors and thus improve service quality. In this regard, the waiting period of the patient in the blood collection procedures is reduced to the minimum, and the working comfort of the laboratory employees is also increased. Central blood collection units are also operated with high quality and high technology centrifuges and centrifuge units which are the first legs in laboratory services of institutions.

Since 2007, our company has been selling various laboratory tubes and consumables. As a result of our experience in this area, we are the exclusive authorized distributor of tubes and laboratory consumables of Greiner (Austria), one of the world's most stable and trouble-free laboratory tube producers in 2015. It also serves with Greiner brand products and devices in sedimentation systems.